Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama's in the Kitchen

I know that HUNDREDS of you have been dying to know what I've been up to in my kitchen. I am so sorry for being a slacker blogger but if you read this post you will see that I am working towards no longer blogging under pressure (unless I start being paid... which will be a totally different ball game.

Anyway, I have lots of yummy food ideas and "recipes" (if you will) to share with my beloved readers.

First, let me tell you about the vegan squash casserole that you may have seen mentioned on my Facebook and Myspace status updates. That stuff was so good that I ate FOUR helpings (that's right, four) in one night and ended up feeling pretty sick.

I actually followed a recipe pretty much. But instead of the tofu "Parmesan cheese", I used nutritional yeast. I must say that I have really missed the whole "cream of mushroom" tasting dishes of my pre-non-dairy days. I just like those casseroles and I enjoy the flavor so much. While this recipe did not produce an exact replica (i.e., it did not taste as if it included the milk of some cow) it was a darn good substitute and I might even like it better. I think that I'm going to try the creamy base from this recipe with some hash browns with hopes of duplicating the casserole my favorite Aunt Theresa always made at major holidays... back when I had an extended family.

Next on my list is the raw corn chowder. Basically, we had about ten ears of corn and they needed to be eaten rather quickly. So the Captain took off the husks (and dragged them to the compost pile... yay hubby) and I cut the corn off of each ear. A couple of days later I decided that it was time to eat the corn and so I blended part of it with some rice milk. I added some spices like garlic, onion, salt, and, of course, cayenne. Then I mixed in the other half of the corn with the rice milk and put it in a metal bowl, which I stuck into a big pot that was boiling on the stove. The corn soup heated nicely and I loved it! Even the Captain opted for seconds!

Finally, please behold my first attempt at vegan shepherd's pie. This was insanely simple but I'm still not certain that I liked it too much. The kids LOVED it though so that's enough reason to make it again. This one I just winged... the bottom layer was Cascadian Farms green peas and corn. The second layer was TVP rehydrated with this stuff (if you have not tried this stuff then you are sadly missing out. I will never buy broth in a box or a can again!), sauteed with onion and a few spices. The third layer was, of course, mashed potatoes. I personally used red potatoes and I hand mashed them and left the peels on. Of course I added... you guess it... Earth Balance (where is my pay check, yo?), salt, pepper, etc. Then the final layer on top was some organic bread crumbs (these things are so good, I could eat them out of the canister... they were also used on the top of the vegan squash casserole). and some shredded cheddar style rice cheese.

Now, what am I going to cook this week?

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