Thursday, July 3, 2008

Let's Tape the Bad Baby

I can hardly hear the theme to "Spongebob Squarepants" over the loud shrieking that is escaping from the Donut. Of course, I know that she is just tired. That we stayed up too late and she woke up this morning and would not go back to sleep because I was not next to her. The skin from my cheek was not available for her to hold. But COME ON! Is that really any reason to stand in the middle of the house, screaming her head off like some sort of wild banshee, and peeing all over the floor, ruining her perfectly good track record and making me regret the potty training reward that I spent way too much on yesterday when we went to the dreaded Target for girl time?

Why won't she stay in the bed? Why must she finish up every night's sleep in my arms? Honestly, if my kids could stay in bed (not even their beds... mine would suffice) until I was finished with my work and maybe, gasp, a workout then life would undoubtedly be easier for all involved. It's not fair. How am I supposed to exercise 3-4 times per week (just to maintain a healthy heart which I'm pretty sure I don't have to begin with) with a small child hanging from me? It doesn't work. I've tried it. The downward dog is much much harder when you add a monkey to your back, quite literally.

Regardless of the way that today has begun, yesterday was a good day. He-Man had spent the night with his grandparents so we were all able to sleep in. This came in particularly handy considering that I stayed up until 6 am eating tater tots and watching "Roseanne" on tivo. So, sleeping in until 9:15 was not quite the luxury it sounds like it should have been. Donut had another dry cloth diaper (she's only been wearing diapers at night and we've switched back to cloth: a little late in the game but every little bit helps, right?). The donut and I decided to head to Target for her special potty training toy. Since they didn't have the Pooh phone she had hoped for, we settled for an over-sized purple playground ball and some of this stuff. I was so thankful to have an easy going child who didn't really care what kind of reward she got. She makes life simple that way.
We girls came home just in time to ride with (most of) the entire Jones clan over to Miller's Cafe. Since we live only about five minutes from the restaurant (and people travel from all over the state to eat there), we are often invited along. There I saw one of my friend's from my grief support group and I treated myself to fried shrimp mostly because I'd been dreaming about it and I figured that if I didn't eat it then, I'd keep thinking about it and it would drive me crazy... which is usually how my meat and seafood cravings are. After lunch, we all came home and went to bed for a fabulous afternoon nap. He-Man passed out immediately! I felt so good when I woke up and I was so thankful for the opportunity to rest with my entire family near me. I never feel so relaxed as I do when I'm surrounded by all three of them. Once we finally got He-Man up from the nap, we packed "dinner" and drove across town to a market that had produce from the Mennonites in Kentucky. We stocked up on fresh veggies and then stopped by Big Lots, only to find two dollar packs of panties and underwear with characters from recently popular movies. What a blessing!
Our next stop was church and all I can say was that He-Man didn't want to go to his class so he stayed in mine. We all went to a puppet show together and sang songs. The Donut stayed dry!

Once church was over, we did grocery shopping at both Kroger and Walmart. I was so exhausted by the time we got home! The kids both sat at the table and created ColorWonder pictures while I put away groceries and warmed up leftovers as a very very late dinner. I ended the day by passing out of the couch and I never made it to bed.

The Donut is finished throwing her fit. Glad that I won't actually have to get out the video camera and tape the bad baby (priceless advice from a very smart friend that has worked very well upon occasion). I'm pondering going back to bed and at least snuggling in with the good book that I'm reading. What do you think?

In other news:
I'm working on articles for this site, a couple of guest blog entries for this site (and an Artsy Mamas blog tour: let me know if you would like to participate) and I've started the character sketches for the "play" that I'm writing with a writin' pal. Plus, I'm going to write a proposal for a radio show to be aired monthly on this station. I think that this is practicing the law of deliberate creation.

Our intention is to attract more financial wealth into our family unit so that we can get out of debt, start saving money, and to be able to support more children, either adopted or biological. The Captain has a job offer that could be the answer to this concern. Only problem is that it's commission only and he'd be working this job on top of the one he is already working at Walgreens. Please pray that it be revealed to us what he should do within the next week or so.
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  1. Prayers for help on the job front. Depending on the job it might be a good thing.......hang in there girl you are way to busy :)


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