Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Half Birthday, Donut!

Today my little girl is two and a half. I am so proud of the person she has become in such a short period of time. Her smile lights up the room, her giggle makes my heart sing, and her kisses, though they can be annoying, make me feel incredibly loved. Lately she's been enjoying having her hair brushed, putting on her cousin's old dress up shoes, grabbing the loose skin on my neck and holding it like one would hold the handles when standing on a subway, and asking that we watch her favorite "eppysode" of "Rosieanne". Most of the time, she is incredibly kind with a little bit of spit fire thrown in for good measure. I have no concern that she will always be able to stand up for herself and that she has no interest in taking any crap from anybody. She lives up to the sentiment of her name for she is, in face, a rogue warrior. I imagine that one day she will fight-hard-for something or someone. At two and a half she speaks better than her three year old friends and is 90% potty trained. We've had her advanced in her Bible classes because she was simply bored in the class meant for her age. At times, I glance at her and I see her grandmother at that age so clearly that it sends chills up my spine. It is hard to imagine that two and a half years ago today I would not have cared if someone came and took her away from me. That is how much I didn't want a little girl. But God determined that I would give birth to a very small female and that I would be patient in learning to love her. And eventually, about 18 months after she was born, I would fall madly in love with the child. So, you see, I feel as if my life with Donut has only just begun. I am so glad to finally be in love with her and to not resent her for coming as such a terrible time. She is a gift, a blessing, and our home would not be complete without her sweet, vibrant, wonderful spirit. Thank you, Lord, for sending me this princess.
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