Friday, June 20, 2008

You Can Take Them With You... on Sunday!

The Center for the Arts will be introducing a new program called The Playground during our Sunday June 22nd matinée. This is a program that allows parents to enjoy the play
while their children participate in games, crafts, and theater
activities in our art gallery. You can reconnect during intermission
and see how much fun they are having before returning to the play.
Reservations for the Playground must be made in advance. The cost is
$3 per child and $5 for two.

So, let me tell you, Mamas. Hubby and I went to see this fabulous production of "You Can't Take it With You" tonight (date night! woot) and it was so hilarious. I felt pitty for my fellow audience members because I have an irritating Roseanne-like cackle. I used it, let me tell you! PLEASE come out to see the show, whether you participate in the Playground or not. It was well worth your time and effort. Don't be an arts slacker. Come out, see the show, check out the photography in the gallery. Murfreesboro is so blessed to have this wonderful arts center right on the square (in that building that used to be a library ages ago). So, come out and support it, will ya?

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  1. i hate how far away m'boro is. :( i'd do more things like this if i was closer. sad day.


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