Sunday, June 1, 2008

What color is your aura?

So, through0ut the past year or so I've been reading about "indigos". If you have no idea what an "indigo" is... check it out. I am not sure how I feel about all of the new age lingo and everything (what with the whole being a born again Christian and all that jazz) but my gut says that these new age concepts are not against the Bible. They are just not IN the Bible, or at least not spelled out in the way that you and I might understand them as the same ideas or concepts. At any rate, upon reading about the First Wave Indigos, I couldn't help but feel less alone. Words cannot describe how GREAT it is that I feel less alone. I've spent 20 something years thinking that I was either crazy, an alien, weird, bad, or just plain unlikable due to people not "getting" me. After reading the characteristics of an adult indigo, for a brief period of time I thought that I was not the only person on this planet Earth who feels this way. I've known from day one that I was sent here for a mission. I've been called weird by so many people that I almost think it might as well be my middle name. And the one about indigos having trust issues because they've been repeatedly abandoned due to others not understanding them and finding them to be too intense... well.. that one made me cry. I don't go around talking about my psychic experiences very often. I figure people will just think that I'm nuts... they probably already think that. But I'm starting to think that it's time I began to "come out of the closet" a little more and be open about these experiences. Maybe I'll help someone. Maybe I need to be more educated about them in order to be prepared for my own potentially Crystal Child. After all, she has been throwing toys into empty space and yelling, "Here boy. Come and get it, boy." Please note, we do not have a dog.

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