Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My goodness, this goat cheese is molding!

What happens when you find out that a big chunk of pricey goat cheese is starting to go bad in your refrigerator? Not to mention... when a giant bowl of expensive kalamata olives have started the count down to compost? Well, if you are me, a fantastic lunch happens. I'm not keen on throwing out stuff just because it has a little mold on it. And if it's cheese... ha, it's even sillier to throw it out. So, I scrape off the mold. Grab the remainder of some fresh garlic. Head outside with scissors (and no pants too... I LOVE this house!!) to cut some trimmings from my rosemary plant. Find some whole grain fettuccine in the pantry. Cut up some raw pecans. Throw in the rest of a jar of artichoke hearts. And why not the yummy juices too? Might as well toss in a little agave nectar, some onion powder, and heck, why not some cayenne? Because I don't cook without cayenne. Of course not only did a great lunch happen (the captain called it so: twice), but it also created an excuse to PLAY WITH MY NEW CAMERA.
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