Thursday, June 12, 2008

My baby is all grown up.

Artsy Mamas truly is like a child to me. I thought it up, I nursed it, I got mad at it a few times, I believed in it, and I gave birth to it. Others believed in it too and that is why I sought out the all mighty 501(c)3 status. For me, the process wasn't quite as painful as it has been for some of my fellow non-profit owning friends. Luckily, an artsy mama from the Nashville Craft Mafia told me one warm evening last summer about the Tennessee Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. Shortly after that night, we started the process. The past year has been crazy rocky. We've had volunteers and participants come and most of them went too. We went from begging people to just put their names on the board of directors to having several legitimate hard-working and committed mamas volunteering to take over that role and to take it seriously. We have gone from having an average looking website at an inappropriate url to having a professional website at the correct url! A year ago we had to beg borrow and steal meeting space. Now we've partnered up with the actual Center for the Arts in our town, which is exactly what I'd pictured in my mind when I first came up with this idea but was turned away (more proof that God is in control and that He will answer our prayers in His own darn good time). Artsy Mamas has hosted a fairly successful event on a budget of zero. We've helped mothers all over this city and we have only barely begun. The community has embraced this organization with open arms. Now, as of yesterday, the federal government recognizes us as an official 501(c)3 corporation. My heart has been broken, I've been beaten down, I've been deflated, and I've been burnt. But my dream lives on. I'm inspired, I'm excited, I'm ready. As my lawyer told me over the phone this morning: "This is exciting. This is an omen for good things to come." Okay, universe. I present to you this freaking amazing, awesome, wonderful network and concept. It belongs to you, Lord. I am merely here to do with it as you see fit. It's been a heck of a wild ride but I'm still here, stronger than I ever ever imagined possible. I can't wait to see what this new chapter brings. I'm just so incredibly humbled that you've entrusted me with this beautiful job to be done. Now, WE CAN DO IT!!!


  1. Wow! What an inspiration you are. What I wouldn't give for an organization like that in MN! Beautiful. And what a great reminder of how God's will is better than our own. Thank you.

    *Kate @

  2. Kate, Thank you so much. I would to talk to you about how we can make Artsy Mamas happen for you in your area.


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