Friday, June 20, 2008

International Folk Fest and Wife Swappin'

Tuesday evening I planned a quick and early dinner so that I could pack up the donut, her brother, and the Captain and take them to endure the International Folk Fest at Stones River Mall. We arrived just as Germany was starting to perform. There were cow bells galore and several people who looked like the Brawner side of my mom's family (hence my decision that Brawner would make a great name for our next boy). Their costumes were humorous and I couldn't help but have flashbacks to that absurd scene from "National Lampoon's Vacation". And the Captain was Clark Griswold. The poor guy, forever the good sport, had worked all night and then came home and spent the better part of the day doing something (not sure what now). He was dragged onto the stage to dance with the Germans. I was embarrassed for him. And very upset with myself for leaving my camera at home. At any rate, the Germans ended their performances, most of which were from "The Black Forrest", and left the stage open only to be invaded by a bunch of square dancing folks from Appalachia. Or one might assume they were from the back woods of Tennessee. Perhaps they had actually been shipped from L.A. where they make their living creating absurd performances based upon southern stereotypes. There was a wash board. Need I say more? I loved it. I wanted to hop on that stage and doo see doo with my long lost hick relatives. Now I think that I understand what my mom always meant when she said that she felt as if her soul lived within the hills of Appalachia. I really should go visit sometime. On a separate note, Donut, her brother and I were allowed to inspect the cowbells and watch their dad dance: two things I've always wanted to do but had not. Now, it's done.

Earlier today, I applied for "Wife Swap". You know, that reality show on ABC where they swap the wives from two very different families. I'm pretty sure that we qualify as extreme and weird enough. Answering the questions on the application made me almost certain that they will pick us. After all, we are passionate about our beliefs and there are a NUMBER of things that make us stand out from the rest. I can just see it now... un-health conscious mom shows up at the Jones household and there is a debate between her and the small male Jones about whether or not eating at McDonald's is acceptable: "It's just sad... these kids are deprived of the American way of life." I laugh and yet I cry a little. But we could really use that money-to help us eat even healthier and to allow us to adopt a few little kids who will never eat at McDonald's.
Seemed like a good time to share one of my favorite pieces of art/social commentaries.


  1. OMG wife swap is hiarlous! I hope you make it! that would be an awesome show!

  2. okay that piece of art is just creepy.

  3. yes, leanna, it's very creepy. that's what i love about it.


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