Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Five Kids!! A day in pictures (ie, an excuse to play with my new camera)

Yesterday was the first day that I had five kids for whom I had to care. I have to admit that I was a little nervous but I prepared a theme for each week during this entire summer. The kids and I took a trip to the library a couple of days ago (where we chanced upon the first day of Summer Reading and so we got all signed up and enjoyed a Magic Show!!) and stocked up on books about rainbows and colors (this week's theme) and books about birds (next week's theme). I'm excited about the themes because it helps me to focus. My plan it to also incorporate a great deal of Spanish into the lessons so each week the kids will learn the Spanish words for whatever we are exploring. So yesterday, I got up to the sound of an alarm like a real live working mother. And I was showered and dressed before the kids got here. We had breakfast, then free play until ten at which point everyone sat down to eat a snack. After snack I successfully entertained and educated five children ages 2-6 about colors and rainbows. They all should know how to spell R-e-d to the tune of "Three Blind Mice" and they are best pals with Roy G. Biv. After the books, worksheets, and singing... soooo much singing, we had free play outdoors, aka, loitering. Despite all of the sitting and swinging, they managed to work up an appetite and were ready for lunch right on time at noon! After lunch, J and L laid down for a nap,the Captain left me alone, and I almost panicked. Almost. But it really went well. Donut didn't sleep so she and I cuddled while He-Man and K played. After J woke up, we did another book and learned three Negro spirituals because I'm just a weirdo like that. We marched in with the saints and yelled at Satan for trying to blow out our little lights. Of course, then we cranked up the Miley Cyrus, which is a fabulous ending to a fabulous day, if you ask me.


  1. Wow sounds like a busy day girlie! Are you babysitting now??

  2. Yes, I've been babysitting for a long time!

  3. i LOVE the swing picture. so adorable.


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