Sunday, June 29, 2008

Because you asked for it!

At the Garden Party, I had several requests for a "recipe" of one of the dishes I'd prepared. This request always seems to stump me because I am not much into recipes. Instead, I like to make up food as I go. This dish was no different. I literally threw together some things I had sitting around in the pantry and the fridge. So, I'll try my best to tell you how I made the:
Tofu General Tso's (pronounced "so", Thanks Tomi!) stir fry.

For those of you with a Tofu phobia... this is probably because you've never been told how to cook it correctly. Someone told me years ago that the trick is to put the tofu in the freezer before you cook it. And of course, never buy silken tofu in the carton if you are wanting to make a stir fry. That stuff should be looked at as a substitute for cream in smoothies or soups. So, the tofu you want is in the produce section and it will look like a sponge. Buy firm or extra firm. Doesn't make much difference. Bring it home and freeze it. Then thaw it and drain it. Then drain it some more. Then squeeze it like you would a wet dish rag. Ring that sucker out. You want to remove as much moisture as possible.

Now, for the recipe.

I used Cascadian Farms Frozen Broccoli, an organic onion, a handful or two raw cashews, the tofu cut into cubes, and a jar of Trader Joe's General Tso's Stir Fry sauce. That's it. Seriously. You'll of course want to sautee the onions first. Then add the broccoli. And finally the tofu and sauce, leaving the nuts until the very last. It's that simple folks! Glad you enjoyed it!

OH, I have a new blog. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW!!

But this one is cool!

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  1. hey lady. i responded to your comment on my blog then realized i should've done so here so you'll actually get it. i don't have any health issues, but thanks. well none that aren't pregnancy-related. and also the father is very supportive, i just don't speak to him now because i have so much else on my plate. the garden party was fun, hope to see you again sometime soon. <3


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