Saturday, May 31, 2008

Your prayers are needed!

It seems that terrible things are going on all around me. I mean, of course that is the case with everyone we know. After all we are basically in a depression, everyone is broke except for the extremely wealthy and there's a war going on. Great. However, I'm specifically referring to the bad news that I keep getting.

First of all, Michael's co-worker seems to have gone missing. No one heard from her for days and then apparently someone did finally hear from her but they don't really know what is going on and why she disappeared. Apparently she is 3 months pregnant as well. I wish I knew specifics but pray in general that she is okay, that the baby is okay, etc.

Also, anyone who truly "knows me knows me" knows at least OF my bff Geoffrey. Well, he had terrible news the other day when he reported that one of his dearest friends lost her youngest child, a five year old boy, in a freak accident. He was playing in his own yard on Monday and a drunk person hit him and killed him. Please pray for Frankie, the mom's comfort and peace. Pray that the other children will be a source of comfort to her and that their hearts will be healed as well. Pray that the right people will be there for them as is needed and that she will be fully supported in any way imaginable.

In addition, one of my dear friends' daughters has run away. Please pray for her safe return and for peace within her family.

In good news, Miss Lydia is doing amazingly well! Her bone marrow transplant seems to have started healing her and she's well on her way to a full recovery, I believe. Anything and everything is possible when He is involved!! Please bookmark Lydia's blog and keep her in your prayers. Liz does a wonderful job of updating her story and keeping everyone up to speed. Leave comments and sign their guestbook. They love to know who is visiting!!

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  1. seems like life is being hard on everyone these days =/

    including myself unfortunately.

    praying for your needs. see you tonight i hope


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