Monday, May 12, 2008


-gorgeous weather today made for a FANTASTIC mother's day picnic with good friends and fairly good kid behavior. i love that He-Man has other little boys his age with whom he can play... and they are good boys too!

-the porch swing fell with us in it. no one was hurt but it scared the pee out of all of us. i'm so glad that legs weren't broken.

-lemon almond butter filling for our all natural vegan candies=amazing
(we have a business venture up our sleeves and it involves these little guys... tasty)

-the book i am reading, THE GREAT MAN by Kate Christensen (which is great and is following in the trend of art novels i seem to be keeping with these days) suddenly turned into old people porn at the very very ending. as much as i want to be grossed out, i'm actually comforted and a little relieved by it. oh, and by old people i mean folks in their 80's. so yeah, old.

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  1. It is good that there is old people porn. Old people need porn too.


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