Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Was it YOU who drugged me and Artsy Mamas updates.

I cannot stay awake. And I mean that quite literally. Long, coma-like naps keep totally consuming me. It's nearly impossible to work out and tone up when you suddenly find yourself in an unconscious state several times throughout the day. The crazy thing is that it's only slightly affecting my nightly sleep. I'm out of ideas.

On the other hand, I'm very excited about the future. There's our chocolate business which has taken off like crazy. We cannot even keep up with the large demand right now. In addition, Artsy Mamas is now officially teaming up with Center for the Arts. There we will be co-hosting a four week series of artshops for moms and their kids temporarily called "Come on, Get Artsy!" (because I am a terrible tv geek). We'll also be using their space for auditioning and rehearsing another brain child that I have... a Mama improv group. Further, Artsy Mamas will be getting their art on once a month by enjoying Drawing and Painting artshops (which will eventually lead to other things). Not to mention, on a personal note, I'm allowed to teach my theater games class series for 3-5 year olds in their space this summer. So, if you are reading this and you are interested in enrolling your child... it's still happening, just at a different location! And the Avenue has offered to generously help us achieve some of our goals, such as allowing us to host a volunteer reception to drum up interest for guest teachers and board of directors! Yahooooie!

Donut had a virus this weekend. We actually made it to church ON TIME and as we were walking down the sidewalk, she vomited all over herself, her dad, and her dress. I felt terrible for her. Earlier that morning she'd been doing the pitiful moaning army crawl across the kitchen floor but I didn't realize it meant she was actually ill. So, she's not been eating much and she's barely been herself. But kids are extra sweet when they are sick. So, that's the plus side, I suppose.

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