Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mamapalooza Murfreesboro Partay: In pictures!

The Mamapalooza Murfreesboro Party was one you should not have missed. Complete with celebrity talk (Angelina), Cindy's fantastic bartending skills, a special appearance by local celebrity Wicked Moxie, Mandy's becoming irritated and especially loud and then being shocked that there was actually someone as loud as she (who I totally loved and can't wait to see again, for the record!!!!), and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. Oh, and we must not forget the frantic storm tracking!! It was a blast girls!!!
This is Rikki and Me! Rikki is the volunteer of the century, making desperate attempts to schedule her surgery around Mamapalooza Murfreesboro. I've learned one thing through the planning of this event: "If you want it done, do it yourself... or just ask Rikki to do it". LOVE this lady!!! Oh and if you need a babysitter on Saturday nights or some tupperware then this is your woman.
I LoVe this lady too! My donut is providing us with live entertainment!
Amanda, Rikki, and Lori may never speak to me again after they see this!
Oh, and I LOVE this woman too. I'm starting to see a pattern forming. Cindy, the inventor of the mamatini. It's served in whatever the heck you have that is clean after a long day of laundry and dirty diapers. But the most important part is the shaker. You ain't got a mamatini unless it's been shaken in a Disney Princess cup!!

And then this woman has just popped up out of nowhere, making me laugh my head off on a regular basis. Dawny rocks my face!!Look at these overflowing goody bags. 100 very lucky mamas are gonna enjoy their contents greatly!

Dawn and Jennifer hard at work stuffing goody bags to the brim!!
Jennifer owns this new business!!!

Did I mention that I Adore this lady? Maybe a million times already! I LOVE Cindy so much. I'm gonna write a song about her. Are ya ready? Here it goes.

Cindy Phiffer is her name.
She ain't playing no silly games.
Her voice is sweet and she writes real good.
Glad to have her in my hood. Word.


  1. Local celebrity. lol

    I had a great time. :)

    (by the way, I found this entry when I googled myself -hehe)


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