Thursday, May 1, 2008

the lollipop

He-Man: I just had the lollipop.
Me: Did you get permission to eat that?
He-Man: Well, you had a lollipop.
Me: Well, I'm a grownup.
He-Man: Well, I'm a grownup too.
Me: Oh yeah? If you are a grownup, I guess you need to go get a job.
He-Man: (laughing) I just like doing all things. I was making some jokes up.


  1. With a couple of years experience, that boy is going to be one smooth talker. Better keep him locked away from the girls.

  2. I agree with Ang. That is fabulous! Not only did I find it humorous, but it really made me want a lollipop too.

  3. I will be locking him away from girls regardless of the smoothness of his talking.


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