Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jazz Fest, 2008

Artsy Mamas were indoctrinated into the JazzFest "experience" today. And I have the sunburn on my right shoulder to prove it.

We were so fortunate to be invited to set up a tent in Kid's Alley at Jazz Fest this year. For those of you who may not know, Jazz Fest is the biggest event that this town called Murfreesboro sees every year. As a matter of fact, it's so big that when I lived as a recluse in a dorm on campus, I still heard about Jazz Fest. So, it's a pretty big deal. And I'm thankful for the opportunity and HUMBLED that anyone thought we were worthy enough to set up shop there in front of the hardware store.

Some highlights of the event include:
-people made our craft into a weapon (swords, paddles, etc)
-toy poodles
-fantastic volunteers
-popular giveaways
-many interested mamas
-running out of "rhythm sticks" and having to send Lori to the store to get some construction paper to make another type of craft
-having our tent pushed over by a giant gust of wind and almost injuring a ton of people
-meeting a ton of really nice people and enjoying the company of some of my favorite mamas in the world

I'm ready to drop. But I wanted to make sure to keep the kids up ridiculously late so that I could blog. yeah. I know.

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