Sunday, May 25, 2008

Imagining Brad and other odd memories.

Friday night I checked the "new alumni" for my high school on Myspace. Much to my surprise, God had just simply answered one of my prayers. For years I've wanted to reconnect with one of the only people from high school (well, junior high actually) with whom I felt a bond yet did not keep in touch. All I could figure was that I always felt that he was like a brother or something to me. He was someone with whom I could always be myself and know that he liked me no less for it. After mom died, it was even harder for me to abandon the thought of "finding" him since I felt that I was pretty alone and without many connections to my past. So, the past few months, I'd been thinking about him even more. I was even starting to have dreams of seeing him. It was starting to get on my nerves. So, I was pretty happy to find him on myspace. And even happier to discover that he was pleased to hear from me. His dad died a few months ago. Perhaps it was some type of cosmic reason that we've been reconnected. I understand the timing now. I think. At any rate, what a great feeling to just have that connection back. It's funny how there are certain people about whom you never forget. You can be "BFF" with five people and not really care whether or not you see them again ever in your entire life. But there will just be these random people who meant so much to you. Maybe you can't even pinpoint why. Or maybe you can (in this case, I think we bonded pretty intensely over the traumatic experiences of 7th grade Reading, History, and Shop Class... it was the beginning of a weird and beautiful friendship). So, here's to my finding "Ole Punkin headed boy". The boy who sat beside me when I fell in love with Mozart. The boy who was probably the reason why I stopped being able to do math. The boy also who had weird taste in music and was hassled for it. The boy who never seemed to hold a grudge against me when he probably should have.

Appropriately, I've been reminiscing about junior high and high school. And then tonight The Captain and I had rented a dvd (from one of those Red Boxes... man. Those are great. I hate McDonald's and I feel weird even parking at one but that Red Box rocks!). I chose DAN IN REAL LIFE. I'd not really heard of it but with Steve Carell, how could I go wrong. Welllll, it was co-written and directed by Peter Hedges of WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE? fame. But he also wrote a play that means quite a lot to me. When I was in high school, my friend Noelle and I did a "duo interp" piece which I adapted from the script of that play. We used it in competition for speech team and even made it to state (we were unable to attend state b/c it was scheduled for the same day as our prom). The play is called "Imagining Brad" and it's quite possibly the weirdest play I've ever read or seen. But now it has me thinking... maybe I can use it somehow! Perhaps I will pull it out, dust it off, and breathe life back into that piece. Maybe I'll play Brad's wife this time, instead of Dana. It's a stretch.

On a side note: DAN IN REAL LIFE was excellent. I was on the verge of tears throughout the entire movie. It was simple, sweet, quirky, and touching. And Steve Carell is precious.

Oh, and apparently I have narcolepsy. I've been randomly falling asleep anytime I sit down it seems. I've had two one and a half hour naps today. Fabulous.

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