Sunday, May 11, 2008

If Mama ain't happy...

I think that the Captain has learned that he must try very hard to make my Mother's Day Special. First of all, I expect a lot. You know, like I'm not one of those people who says, "oh, you forgot my birthday... no big deal." I'm just not. My mom doted over me on every special occasion and I suppose I just expected my husband to carry on the tradition of spoiling me. Let me clarify, however, that I am NOT materialistic and if he never spent a dime on me, it would be fine. I much prefer thoughtfulness to stuff. This is probably even more difficult for him though since he's very much into buying me things and has been since our first year of dating (I mutilated the very first thing he ever gave me... a necklace that I tore apart the first time we broke up). Mother's Day is especially difficult for my poor husband because, much like Christmas and my birthday, there is a huge void which he must fill since my own mother died. So, not only does he have to prove that I am the best mom in the entire world (because, let's face it, I really am), he also must comfort me as a daughter who has lost her mommy. His job is not an easy one. I applaud him and his efforts. This year he did pretty well, I think. When I got up this morning, I found a vase with three roses, two decorated bags that say "mom", a homemade card, and a chocolate bar. Apparently he had trouble getting the kids to pick out anything for me and they ended up getting me a chocolate bar. The bags? While my pals Amanda, Michelle, one irate teenager, and I were fruitlessly promoting Mamapalooza in the blaring heat of the sun, the Captain took the wee ones over to Barnes & Noble for story time. The bags were the craft project they completed! They seemed so proud of them this morning. Of course, the red one is He-man's! The card? It makes me feel great to think that my hubby finds me to be caring, beautiful and
awesome. What a wonderful thing to know!! To the right here you will see another photo with some writing. This was one of the things He-Man did in Bible class this morning!! It cracks me up. Apparently, I'm 12 years old, I weigh 38lbs (ummmm... try adding one hundred), and I like to eat apples. Well, at least he got the food question correct!

Of course, I wrote a letter to my mom. I found the process to be cathartic. Even two years after her death, I feel that she's the only person in my life who gets me. What a lonely feeling. At any rate, this has been a tolerable... downright pleasant day actually. For this and many many other things, I am thankful.
So, Happy Mother's Day, ya'll!

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