Monday, May 5, 2008

Everybody's Laughin', Sunshine Day!

-Switching to Cottonelle toilet tissue after five frickin' years of using the Sam's Club brand has made me wonder why the HELL I ever gave it up. I'm very pleased with the change and my bottom thanks me. Your bottom is probably even thanking me.

-Rusty shelf no more. The nasty rust infested metal shelf that we bought for a mere 12 dollars when we moved into this house two years ago is FINALLY gone and has been replaced by a very stylin' set of IKEA cups that hang from a bar. My soap and shampoo are now inside of the hanging cups. The amount of rust on the wall will not be increasing. I'm happy.

-Finished another book. I've read more books the past few months than I have all together since Mama died. I'm so thankful.

-Motherless Daughter's support group rocks. I'm diggin' the catharsis and the sharing. It's like YaYa Sisterhood... only different. Either way, I'm glad that I started yet another thing. Because there weren't enough "things" going on in my world, ya know?

-My kids ate wild tuna with organic onion, celery and cilantro from the yard salad on a bed of organic greens drenched in Annie's shitake mushroom dressing and three whole grain crackers as their dinner. And I didn't even have to bribe or threaten them.

Things that aren't quite as cool:
Donut's taken to poopin' on the floor again.
Donut's misplaced her expensive stainless steel water bottle.
Donut has a bad attitude and a hateful mouth.

Hmm... Did I mention that I'm having a hard time with Donut lately?


  1. I am all about Ultra Charmin. If I am going to be using it on my arse, it better be the good stuff. No compromises at all there.

  2. Hi - This is Kate at Coming Up Rosemary!. I've been lurking since you left a comment on my blog.

    I just wanted to say that I am a Cottonelle with ripples girl. I really love my ripples. :-)


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