Monday, May 19, 2008

Blessed abundantly

Now that Mamapalooza is over and has left me so spent that I'm too tired to sleep, I really want to get something off of my chest before I go drink hot valerian tea in hopes of passing out. I'm considering a trip to Walgreens for some Nyquil and for those of you who know me know me, you must realize just how desperate I am to get some rest. The eyes are glazing over.

Anyway, though, I seriously want to just gush for a moment about how flippin' blessed I am.

1. I have amazing friends. And when I say amazing, I mean amazing. Like there is Amanda who is is here for me in any shape, form or fashion any time that I might need her. And Cindy who has stepped up to the plate and become like a substitute mommy for me. Or what about Rikki who is so stinkin' dedicated to the cause of empowering and helping other mothers that she went against her doctor's orders (and her own better judgment, I'd assume) just to help us at Mamapalooza despite having JUST HAD surgery on MONDAY (with a short trip back into the hospital towards mid week). And if I didn't mention you here, that doesn't meant that I don't love you! There are new people popping up all of the time... new people who are making a HUGE impact on my life and I'm excited to see where our relationships and partnerships take us.

2. Exciting business ventures. From raw chocolate to unique uses of hydrogen, we are finding potential earth and body friendly money-making opportunities, as per my request to the Lord Almighty. He is faithful. It makes me so proud to be able to throw myself into work that is good for my fellow man and my planet.

3. I LoVe My ChUrCh!!! I know I've said it before but it bears repeating. From intellectually stimulating Bible Study classes to wonderfully newfound supportive friends, we're just so glad to call North Boulevard Church of Christ Home.

4. Bright colors. Isn't it just a gorgeous world in which we live? I mean, it's absolutely stunning. Red birds, yellow flowers, green grass, blue sky, and orange sun just outside of my door. What an amazing Artsy Papa we have!!

5. Opportunities to be a blessing to others. What a great feeling it is to positively affect another person. There is nothing that makes me feel better about myself than to know that my existing and my efforts had an impact on someone's life and they are better off from that impact.

6. "The Office". There is nothing sexier than sharing a favorite tv show with your spouse. (Okay, at least for me).

7. Oh, speaking of sexy and spouse. My husband and I danced together, in public, for the very first time EVER last night. The past few months have truly been the rebirth of our relationship. We are rebuilding what we'd nearly destroyed and this time the foundation is much stronger and we are much smarter. Together we will accomplish many great times. Can't WAIT to see that!


  1. Woo hoo!
    Sounds awesome. I love reading about Artsy Momma stuff in the paper! I feel famous by association!

    God is good and He is doing wonderful things in your life!:)

  2. Thank you for this; it was a blessing to read on this beautiful Thursday morning.

    *Kate at


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