Saturday, April 26, 2008

Writing Exercises

On April 12th I participated in an Artsy Mamas writing workshop in Nashville. I thought I'd type out a few examples of what I came up with while I was there!

In this exercise we had to write about our name as if it were, hypothetically, something else.
For instance:

-If my name were a flower it would be marigold. I believe this is true because marigolds are bright, cheerful, and reflect the colors of the sun and therefore are full of energy. However, the flower I would pick for my childhood would be the pansy because they are delicate and, to me, reflect innocence. As a child, I lived in fear and I was easily broken. I was often broken.

-The color of my name is hot pink. Rarely found in nature, except maybe on an occasional odd bird or in an a typical sunset, hot pink reflects my vibrant personality and the way in which I don't quite fit in. I'm unique and hard to find. I'm odd. I'm me.

We also enjoyed some exercises to help us with fiction writing. I was shocked at the fun things I came up with. I had to interview my character and as a result, I invented a cool gal named Carissa. She's 16 and she was born in 1970. She is an only child. Her parents are hippies but her dad is a bit rebellious against that quality in her mother. They are vegetarians but one time he took Carissa on a date and bought her a hamburger... and told her not to tell their secret. She was really close to her grandma who passed away. As a child, she was really close to her neighbor but that relationship has dwindled away and this is painful for her. She was advanced to the gifted classes and one of her friends is now treating her differently. Her dad was a protester of the Vietnam war even though he fought in it. Her parents are really protective of her.

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