Friday, April 18, 2008

Whew, now I will sit and breathe

This morning I was on the Rick Marino Show. What a wonderful opportunity it was to talk about Artsy Mamas, Mamapalooza Murfreesboro, and to give away some tickets to the event. They were broadcasting live from the McDonald's on the Corner of Broad and Church Street. I had to se the alarm but of course, I woke up before the alarm went off because I'm like that. Can't stand to risk missing anything. Reminded me of the days of rising early on Saturday mornings for speech tournaments. My body never would let me sleep later than 4 am on those days. So, anyway, I get up, get the kids dressed, and explain to them that I'm going to be on the radio and we have to go to McDonald's for that. Ha. That didn't go over well because, "McDonald's is a bad place." and "Our family doesn't eat stuff like that." So I had to explain that we weren't going to eat anything but instead we were going to be meet with the radio show people. When we got there, we found a parking spot (finally) and then curved around to the back of the restaurant where the morning crew from KDF was set up. I introduced myself and told the children to sit in the booth next to me. They had been holding hands and this seemed to make them all smile. The kids slid into the booth and I sat in the chair where I chatted with the crew and said just a little bit about Mamapalooza, Artsy Mamas, and my kids. They gave me a purple microphone and told me to be sure and hold it really close while I talked. That's when the nerves sat in. I hadn't experienced that sensation since the last time I was interviewed for the radio. But this was more daunting because I was there with them, in person. Not over the phone in the safety of my garage. But I did okay. I think. I felt comfortable talking and Rick helped me ease into the things that I needed to say. The kids were amazing and really seemed to impress the crew members. They were very still and polite . They just sat and listened while I talked and even said, "Thank you" to everyone. It was a very good experience and I was thankful for the opportunity. I hope to be on the radio more in the future. Who knows, maybe I'll have my own show one day.

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