Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two Year Molars are a Pain in Everyone's Rears

It's been a couple of years since I had a two-year-old and quite frankly, I was in la la land when He-Man was two. So here we are, dealing with a two-year-old while she is cutting four molars. What a nightmare. I have no memory of this type of ordeal when He-Man was her age so it's almost as if I've been dropped randomly onto some other planet. What has happened to my sweet little girl? Just a few weeks ago, we were laughing and playing and now, it's all tears and Children's Motrin and sassy attitude, "I don't like it when you tell me it's a shirt" (she says as she wears a pajama top as pants). The past two days there have been interludes of good behavior, happiness, and kindness. This has been my saving grace because the five days preceding were filled solid with angry outburst, stringy drool, and forced naps. She was even moaning in her sleep and begging, "I need some teeving tabwets". And let's not forget to mention the effect these teeth have had on my love life. As if finding "marital" time was not difficult enough from simply having two kids in the house, it was decidely impossible this past week and The Captain was home from work! Even poor He-Man has been suffering. You should see his face, covered in scratches from where the teething beast she-devil has clawed at him and, ironically, beat him about the face with his own toy. Don't let this sweet face fool you... she's a feisty one.

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