Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten things that RoCk!!

1. I only work for myself. I am not employed by anyone else and that means that what little time and energy I have left over after chasing around a donut and magillicutty I can use to grow MY business, not someone else's.

2. Skippy Jon Jones. This cat who thinks he's a chihuahua never fails to leave me "laughing een my boooots, main".

3. A renewed enthusiasm for my church and an increase in my desire to be there every week. After this past weekend, I remember why we joined that church. What an awesome amazing feeling.

4. Having a freshly mowed lawn that has at least fifteen perfect spots for a chair, a blanket, a sun bath, a snack, a nap, a reading break, or a quiet moment to breathe in and out. Not to mention the quiet. I can hear nature. Birds, breeze, stillness. Sigh.

5. Planning a "Garden Party"... an outdoor concert of inspirational family friendly music for my friends. How cool is that?

6. A trip to the library. I love the way that picking out books always helps me curb my desire to shop and I've not spent a penny. I also love picking out at least one book from each section in the children's non fiction so that I can read to He-Man about a variety of topics. Today's selections? Spanish, kangaroos, playtime rhymes, stringed musical instruments, Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, and having good manners on the playground.

7. Upcoming public "appearances". Artsy Mamas will be participating in the upcoming Earth Day event, Jazz Fest 08, and two book store Earth Day activities. I feel so very honored to be included and I'm also humbled that I can help teach members of my community about doing art from recycled materials, recycling in general, eating healthier, and feeding children in a healthy manner. Thank you Lord for using me to change the world. I'm open and willing to listen to whatever it is you need me to do. I'm not even scared... much.

8. Baby-sitting a kid that I like. L is a sweet, gentle, soft, well-mannered little fella and we got super lucky to be chosen to care for him. We love having him here and we are super blessed.

9. Weight loss. Thank you Lemonade Diet. While I may not be following you rigidly, I've done enough to finally break into the 130's. I thought I'd never see that three again. I'm picking out two piece bathing suits. What a feeling!! To clarify, I'm not completely fasting. I don't do well with fasting and I have major blood sugar issues. So, I'm eating. But not much. And it's working. Yahooie!

10. A nice husband. The Captain is being sweet to me. I like it. I hope he keeps it up because I actually want him to be around.

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  1. It's nice to stop every once in awhile and see the good things isn't it!

    Sounds like you had a great thinking day :)


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