Sunday, April 27, 2008

Name our business!

So, my hubby and I have decided to start a small business selling our raw/vegan chocolate treats. Almond butter cups, totally raw chocolate candies in molds, Easter Eggs and other treats filled with almond butter creams.... so good. So good, in fact, that it's ridiculous.

And that is the name we've come up with thus far.

Ridiculous chocolate.

But do you have a better idea?

What about a tag line for our business name?

I came up with:
"Ridiculous Chocolate: Chocolates so good, it's... well... ridiculous."

We also need some graphic design help. Anyone want to help? Anyone have any ideas?? :)


  1. what about...

    Rawesome Chocoloate

  2. Something sensual about raw and orgasmic! Good luck.

  3. um, i don't have any ideas but i wanted to say: i love "rawesome chocolate"-- but i would.

  4. I agree that I prefer Rawsome Chocolate, for the record. Unfortunately, Rawsome is already taken and there are books, tshirts and whatnot out there that say Rawsome... so, I've gotta stay away from words that are already taken.

    Plus, our treats won't all be raw. They are just vegan and some will be raw.

    Of course all of this is irrelevant unless someone gets us to Trader Joes so that we can buy some almond butter. LOL


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