Sunday, March 30, 2008

You Broke My Heart at the Funplex. Yes you did, yes you did.

As I've stated repeatedly, this past week was the release of the first full length B-52's album featuring Kate, Keith, Fred and Cindy since "Cosmic Thing" was released in 1989. Tuesday was a BIG day for B-52's fans like me. The best part of all is that their new single, "Funplex" (same name as the album) is making quite a lot of noise and is getting airplay and attention from the younger generation. This album is truly a comeback record for the band and it proves that they aren't a bunch of old fogies (hottie Kate Pierson will be 60 next month) but instead they are rockin' it out as well as they ever did and they are quite capable of updating their sound in order to create current appeal without compromising their dancey, kitsch image that us old school fans love so much.
My favorite part of all is being able to share this record with my children. In the past, it would have been my mom listening to my droning on and on about how great Kate looked or how fabulous Cindy's voice sounded. She would have been the one to endure the endless ramblings of how excited I was that, after all of these years, my favorite band of all time was back and better than ever. But she isn't here. She wasn't here to take me to the mall to buy the cd. She wasn't here to witness my excitement and to enthusiastically encourage me to be sure and see them live again this summer. No, she's not here. But my kids are. And they are embracing the B-52's with open arms. Between Ronin's random spouting out the lyrics of "Funplex" and Hunter's excited response to my question, "How would you like to see the B-52's in concert with me this summer?", I feel like. slowly but surely, I'm teaching my kids about who I am, despite the lack of help from parents, siblings, relatives, or even friends. I am so thankful for the chance to share such an important part of myself with my kiddos and I'm grateful that they are as excited about it as I am. Yay!
Buying the "Funplex" cd was a fun adventure! I didn't buy it on the release date because I was unable to get away from the house. I had planned to buy it in Atlanta because we were there on Wednesday and that just seemed, in a trite way, to be appropriate and add to the fun of ceremony. However, I ran inside of the Super Target right next to Ikea and they didn't have it. Hmm. There wasn't a lot of time to be wandering around that very HOT city so I decided to wait until Thursday. We went to Best Buy and it was on sale for ten bucks! And we had three dollars on a gift card left over from Christmas of 06.
So, perfect. I even took a picture of the girl at the Best Buy who sold me the cd! I'm sure she thought I was a maniac.
And here I am, walking while taking a picture at the Avenue, holding my very own copy of the new cd by the greatest band on earth!!

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  1. like i said before! AWESOME! I love it. and I love the picture of the best buy girl. that was a nice touch.


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