Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When the girl bites...

The past week or so Donut has been occasionally clingy, fussy and belligerent. So, we figured something was up. But just like when her brother was this age, I was convinced that she was finished cutting teeth. Despite stringy drool and aforementioned behavior, I didn't really believe it was teething until yesterday when I noticed fingers in mouth right before she hung off of my leg while I did yoga. This morning, I decided something had to give. What had happened to my sweet wonderful baby Donut? She'd been replaced by a monster toddler. This particular morning was one I won't soon forget. Before the three of us got out of bed, Donut had bit her brother two times during our morning cuddle session. I was sooooo proud of He-Man, though, because he didn't retaliate! This is humongous progress in our household. So, I got out of bed sending her to time out. Other offenses included: screaming nonstop for two hours, throwing her Puppy Rona and Boo across the room and calling them gross, spilling cereal all over the chair and leaving it, ripping up her pizza crust and tossing the pieces all over the room, beating her brother over the head, peeing all over the chair that we won, and refusing to allow anyone to watch anything but "Foos House". This was all before nap time. And she slept until after four o'clock. At any rate, sure enough, when I felt in the back of her mouth, she had two little nubs, one on top, one on bottom. The poor kid. This pain really has done a number on her charm and charisma!

But speaking of good kids... He-Man's behavior has improved dramatically. I think that we are over the hard part. I hope so at least. He turns four in six days so he's a big boy! Today I had one of my hard days. He decided to do a puppet show in order to comfort me and "make my mama happy". He gave me hugs and told me that I am beautiful. Just when I'm feeling insecure because he so obviously loves his dad more than me, he goes and does this stuff. Of course, I'm struggling with the fear that I will be one of those moms who depends upon her children to make her feel good about herself. I know what that's like because I was raised by one of those moms. It's damaging. I really don't want to go there. It's a fine line, I think. I'm not sure when it's been crossed. There would have to be some benefits to letting your child comfort you occasionally, right? I mean, it's not their job but it is a good life lesson... to learn sympathy and to be concerned for others. Here I go, over analyzing. Either way, I'm thankful for the change in his attitude.

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  1. yeah coen cut his molars shortly after turning 2 and was a holy terror....


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