Thursday, March 6, 2008

So there is this boy...

There is this blonde haired boy that I have this HUGE crush on and he is really cute. His name is He-Man and today we had a date. We went shopping and we got a pair of red jelly shoes for me. And we had a tofu burrito at Moe's Southwest Grill. Then we came home and had a tea party. The tea was made from "ginger, cookies, birds, licorice, and allllllllllllllllllll the stuff that we want to do." It was delicious. He told me that he loved me at least five times. He told me that it was a beautiful day. He told me that I was beautiful. My head is swelling. I feel so good about myself. I have to say that I like this boy way more than I ever liked another boy.

I've noticed that the changes he's making are causing me a type of mourning. He's given up the Blue Puppy in exchange for his Webkinz Little Piggy. I felt a type of loss when that happened. I actually felt sorry for the stuffed animal. The other day, I even stooped so low as to suggest to him that Piggy told me that he missed hanging out with Blue Puppy and he'd like to start hanging out with him again. Was that too much? I feel like taking the Puppy and putting him away for safe keeping. Another change is his disinterest in "Cars". He's now obsessed with "Monster's Inc." I mean, I have always been for the underdog but my extreme guilt and pity for inanimate objects and brand names is a little ridiculous right? Or perhaps it's just my subconscious fighting the notion of my baby growing up and moving from one thing to another.

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