Saturday, March 1, 2008

I am a Vision Bearer!

The Lord led me to a Women's Luncheon today. It was presented by the Trinity Wholeness Ministries, Inc. and the theme was "It's Your Season: Stepping Into Your Destiny". It is rare for me to feel compelled to take an entire Saturday morning and leave my kids at home with dad in order for me to drive to the far away land of Nashville. But, despite being up all night and feeling all bloated for some reason, I got up and I went. And I'm so glad that I did. The luncheon centered around helping women visualize and actualize their dreams of creating a business, either for profit or not for profit. I left feeling so inspired. The first speaker, Minister Lisa Williams spoke about the difference between the mission statement and the vision statement. I determined that it is time for me to update my vision statement and really start telling people about my vision for the future of Artsy Mamas. My goal is to achieve the forth level of vision: Seeing my vision, pursuing it, and helping others to see it as well. To some point, I believe I have already begun to achieven this goal. But if I feel that my board of directors needs to change then clearly I'm not doing what I need to be doing in order to turn Artsy Mamas into a community supported organization. Right now it does feel like a one-woman show and occasionally I have a few supporting actresses make brief appearances. I'd like to turn it into an ensemble. In addition, she also reminded me to look inside and check my motives for why I am doing all of this. Am I working towards Artsy Mamas and my ultimate goals for the organization so that I can receive a whole bunch of glory and praise or am I putting myself out there in order to serve the Lord and do his will by helping others, giving HIM all of the glory. I believe I started out doing it for me and I'm slowly moving into the later category. But I still have a lot of work to do. The entire day reminded me of the fact that there will be negativity, nay sayers, evil, and discouragement along the way. But I cannot let that stop me. The devil has been letting a specific individual really pick on me and hurt me on a regular basis. I do my best to let it roll off of my back but I've been letting it get to me. No longer. I refuse to let one person or even ten people's negativity ruin my dream or my enjoyment of that dream. Artsy Mamas has a purpose and it is my job to make sure that this purpose is accomplished. So, that's it. There was an accountant who spoke about the financial aspect of running a business and then a lawyer who gave some legal guidance. We even got to hear from Minister Ellen "Tina" Cane from Bleeding Hearts. What a wonderful group of women and what a fantastic way to have spent my Saturday. I praise God for the motivation I received today and for the fellowship that I enjoyed.

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