Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines and Thrift Stores

Artsy Mamas held its first Valentine's Day Party today. Shea hosted. I was thrilled to be out of the house, children in tow, surrounded by friends. This whole "staying at home more often" thing is starting to grate on my nerves. After several weeks of hanging out near the house (in order to save money, ensure nap time, and avoid public tantrum throwing... by me and the kiddos) more often than... well... ever, I was in desperate need of adult contact. The fact that those adults happened to be my best girl friends (and one hot hubby) made for an even more enjoyable time. The conversation consisted of many topics including Amy Winehouse, awards shows, disliking your children, "perfect" mommies (and whether or not they thought I was trying to act like I was one... because I am NOT: my kids watch a ton of tv and even say things like "stupid" and "shut up" because of their extensive television viewing), and books. It was the perfect way to start my week. And now I have a new novel to start tonight. Goody!!

Ya know, for a while I really hated Artsy Mamas. I know, I know, hard to believe. But it was my own fault. I was causing myself a whole lot of distress for no good reason. Once I gave the whole organization over to God and said, "Here, you lead" I felt so much better. I no longer resented the work I had to do and no longer threatened to give up and quit every other day. I just started to go with the flow. Now, I have much more help, my old friendships are mended, and things are good. That said, I love Artsy Mamas. What an amazing group of women we have. They just have such beautiful hearts. They love to help and take care of others as much as I do. Ultimately, as cool as an "arts" group might be, I really just wanted to create a group of nice mothers. Ones who would walk up to a complete stranger at the park and say, "Hey. Let me tell you about this group I'm in. You look like you could use some pals" It's way cool. I'm honored to be a part of this amazing organization.

After the party, I took the little Jones boy and girl to the thrift stores. We were on the hunt for "Monster's Inc" merchandise. We found several coloring books that were never used for like 35 cents a piece! And of course He-Man had to poo poo because he always has to go poop in the Outreach Thrift Store. Then we hit the jackpot at the Goodwill!! He-Man now has a "Monster's Inc" shirt and a new "Cars" shirt... both in red, his fave color!!! He actually needed shirts because he has gotten so huge. I realized that today I passed an important torch onto my son... t-shirt shopping at the Goodwill. I cannot tell you how many times I've jumped up and down in the middle of the Goodwill due to a t-shirt find for myself. Duran Duran, Kirk Cameron, The B-52's, REM, Twin Peaks... I've found so many awesome shirts over the years. Today, I jumped for joy in the middle of Goodwill over shirts for my child. I hope he appreciates that one day. And I hope I've passed along the joy of thrift store shopping in general to him as well. It is good for the planet and it is good for my pocket book. Not to mention, if we'd gone to the mall, we'd have struck out on our search for anything "Monster's Inc". Oh, and I found myself hot pink and black striped tights and hot pink leg warmers. SWEET!!!

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