Monday, February 18, 2008

My neuroticism is paying off

Yesterday we actually managed to get up and attend church during the early service. This meant that He-Man got to attend Glory Garden, a mythical program that happens only in the wee hours of the morning at 8:00 am. I sat in the hallway towards the end of the class time and I watched him. I'd stuck him into the room with the four-year-olds (which was "against the rules") but I have this unrealistic idea that both of my children are way more intelligent than their younger peers and therefore should be promoted earlier than anyone else and that there should be exceptions for my very bright children. Yes, that's right, I'm that mother. At any rate, I watched him and I noticed his behavior was better than those around him. And I'm not just saying that. He didn't have to be called down. He didn't need to be told to sit down and listened. He just simply followed directions better than the other children. In the car after church I pulled out the third Valentine he had made for his dad. I opened it and on it he had written his name. He said he'd done it himself. I'm not sure if that is true but either way, it made me burst into hysterics. I went a little more crazy when he said that he'd drawn the sun all by himself. It was just a little more than I could handle. Then The Captain told me that when he went to pick him up from class, the teacher handed him a lollipop. He looked at her and said, "My daddy told me not to eat those." He walked out of the classroom proudly not eating candy. Later in the afternoon while we snuggled on the sofa playing webkinz, he looked at me and said, "I not eat junk food, Mama". Sigh. I am so incredibly proud of this achievement. Just a few short weeks ago, I had to ply him off of the floor at church because I didn't allow him to eat the sucker he'd been handed (Soap Box Moment: Why do they hand out crap that causes our bodies to be ill inside of a place meant for spiritual wholeness? They could hand out stickers or better yet, carrots. But no, instead it is like, "Here's some crap. Jesus would want you to poison your body." Okay, I'm done.) I am so incredibly proud of the fine young man I am raising. This is me. This is all me. I'm sure that if the Captain had married another woman, he'd allow their kids to eat candy. I'm the one who turned this into an issue. And here is the payoff. I am reaping the benefits of being a hard-nosed, strict mommy. My nearly four-year-old is making healthy choices. This is the peace I needed to experience before sending him to Mother's Day Out. I praise God for this moment of peace and for giving me the gift of persistence and consistence.

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  1. Good for you for sticking to your beliefs! I know you are incredibly proud and I'm so happy for you. I was sharing my pride in being fast-food-free for over a year and one of my cynical friends said "that will all change when you have kids". I disagreed, of course, and he persisted that I'll "give in" when they are "screaming in the backseat". Excuse me! I certainly wouldn't reward that kind of behavior with trying to kill them with junk!! So I'm sure you've had lots of people try to force their opinions on you and I'm so glad that you're YOU and would never let that phase you. Rock on, Mama!


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