Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For these things, I am thankful.

1. Our health. My family is incredibly blessed with excellent health and a lack of illness and disease. Thank you Lord.

2. A stable family. The Captain and I are bound together by law and by love, our's and God's. Our children will not grow up in a broken home. Thank you Lord.

3. Wholeness. Our children will not grow up being raised by broken people. Thank you 5HTP and Thank you Lord.

4. Needs met. No matter how crazy the money situation becomes, our needs are always above and beyond met. Thank you Lord.

5. Intelligence. Our house is filled with above average IQs, creativity, and common sense. Thank you Lord.

6. Opportunities. Everywhere I turn, there are more and more opportunities popping up. Whether it be a chance to write for a local newspaper or a chance to help create How To videos for Rennies, we never run out of fun and exciting new things to do.

7. Artsy Mamas. With this one idea, I have dramatically transformed my life. Hello defining moment. And Thank You Lord.

8. Friends. You know who you are. And I love you. And I thank the Lord for you all.

9. Peace. The past couple of months have brought a newfound peace into my soul. God is clearly in control and He's guiding me, through the fires, over the hills. I'm finally experiencing some relief. Thank you Lord.

10. Salvation. See ya in Heaven if you make the list. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Thank you Lord.

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