Monday, February 25, 2008

Alright, where is the camera?

I feel like I must be on candid camera or something. The past week, I've not been able to sleep that well. I've decided that it's because I stopped using my natural progesterone cream. So, shame on me. But, give me a break. Whenever I do finally get to sleep, something happens to wake me up. Like the groans of a four-year-old doing some midnight pooping. Or of course that ever popular ear lobe grope which I am so happy to experience every night. But I must say that tonight's unwelcomed wake up call was by far the most annoying and certainly the most unwelcome. Will someone please come over here and SHUT UP THIS DOG?

When I go without a decent amount of sleep for an extended period of time, I don't function that well. I can still peck away at my keyboard but when it comes to cooking, cleaning, feeding the kids, etc.... well... I lose my special touch. My patience goes out the window. I'm not consistent. I tend to bark at He-Man instead of using my kind words. And I do stupid things. Really stupid things. Like randomly dropping bowls of yogurt and organic berries which make for a nice splattering staining mess. Or not noticing when Donut is getting into the expensive Silver, or Calming medicine, or, yikes, the paint at an Artsy Mamas activity. It's not my fault people! The best, by far, of my "little goof-ups" would have to be the puddle of plastic I created on my stove top Saturday morning. Yeah, I don't particularly care for this "electric tea kettle" my husband purchased for me, but did I really have to melt it's base and fill the house with toxic chemicals? Couldn't I have just returned it? Geesh.

I have a job interview in 8 hours. No multi vitamin I've ever met is going to fix me up in time to not fall flat of my face. I'm just glad that the women with whom I'll be talking are all mothers. Surely they've had weeks like this before.

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