Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Magical Age of Two and the New Year

Two is such a magical age. It's like suddenly a light bulb goes off and everything just seems to click. For He-Man, we noticed that he started to talk a lot more, sleep better, and within three months of his 2nd birthday, he began sleeping in his own bed all night long. For Donut, the change has been no less dramatic. Over the past month or two, we have certainly noticed that her vocabulary has increased significantly. She says sentences like, "Don't talk to me!" and "Help me do it, Mom." Her personality has shown to be bright, cheery, funny, and just plain precious. I can't help but just want to be around her all day long. Furthermore, she has developed great discipline with bedtime. When she is ready to get into bed, she grabs her puppy, doll, or harmonica, and she says, "I want to go to my bed now" and heads off down the hall. Shocking really. I tuck her in, stroke her little face, give her all of her friends, and then slowly leave the room. In the past, my exit was always stressful and unnerving. I would hold my breath, just waiting for the, "Help me Mommy"s to begin. I love two.

And I also love throwing a big birthday bash for a two year old. Yesterday, we Joneses had the party of the decade in our living room. This "Happy Birthday, Donut" shindig was complete with dancing, the Wiggles, a real life pirate, homemade dairy free orange vanilla rice cream cake with killer frosting and all natural gummy bears and chocolate cupcaks with all natural chocolate sprinkles, a ton of wonderful gifts (including a very special homemade gift from a very special friend), and fun party favors. We were so blessed to have such a large number of friends, aunts and uncles and grand parents come out to celebrate this big event. We were also blessed to let bygones be bygones and, in the spirit of a brand new year, welcome old friends back into our homes and hearts.

I rang in the new year baking cupcakes which fell apart (but taste great in a clump on a plate), hugging and loving up on my little man. I had instant messenger conversations with two friends and a phone conversation with my special guy. He-Man and I watched the ball drop and I answered his many many questions about all of those people there in NYC (where do they live, how did they get there, where were their cars). It was a lovely way to ring in the new year.

As for a resolution... wow, I can't imagine this year being even more eventful than 2007 and in many ways, I hope it is not. I suppose this year I plan to continue to grow Artsy Mamas, grow my friendships, throw myself into writing and performing this show, and do a much better job at being a mommy and a wife. I want to lose weight too but I hate to make that a resolution. Seems so trite and shallow. Oh, and I want to do more yoga. MORE YOGA PLEASE.

The Captain and I are going away this weekend... for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS. I will be taking food, my new black boots, and this laptop. I shall complete my play. It will be done. I can do it!!!


  1. Your kids are total cuties. I enjoy spending a bit of playtime with Hunter and Ronin each time I visit, which is so rare I am surprised they remembers me at all.

    Enjoy your time away from the little ones. Even parents deserve some time to get away and be themselves every once in a while.

  2. Aw, thanks for the link. It was my pleasure to make something for someone I love. I fully intend to do tons more of that this year. Anyhow... have fun this weekend! Hope in the midst of all that working, you get some incredible relaxation and wonderful hubby time too :)


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