Friday, January 18, 2008

a lovely belated birthday from a good friend

from cindy

Silver foiled nymph among fireflies of life,
Table mosaiced by colored paper scraps,

Treats, all healthy for body or mind, spilling

out of bowls and into mouths as freely as

conversations between friends new and not-so-new.

New Kids’ faces smile dreamily from collages and

puzzles, while live concert footage provides the

soundtrack for squealing girls now grown

but not outgrown, with children of their own.
Sharing hearts and memories and forkfuls of cake

for a little one, now missing his daddy and

playing on mommy's heartstrings, while colorful

women who once felt alone all gather around

you and make themselves at home. Happy Re-

Birthday, my magical friend, may sparkles

surround you in endless delight.

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