Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Killing the Scrooge Within

I believe that I have accomplished my mission of no longer being a Scrooge. A few days ago, I walked through the living room and gazed wistfully at the Christmas tree. I thought to myself, "I sure hate to see that thing go" and then I stopped... gleefully basking in what had just happened. I had just accepted Christmas into my heart. It's been a slow process. It started when I got that first Christmas card and hung it on the door frame... only for it to be followed by many many more, most of which were from my loving friends. The process continued to grow as I watched the kids decorate the big tree, and then their little tree, together. We wore Christmas sweaters, hosted a holiday party and attended holiday play dates. We went shopping, wrapped gifts, and make gingerbread houses. Slowly but surely, I was bit by the holiday bug. And I'm soooo glad. I plan to start preparing for next year this month! Anyone up for a card making workshop??

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  1. I am glad you finally got to a point in your life where Christmas brings you joy. It is a wonderful season full of friends, family and giving.

    It always made me a little sad whenever you mentioned how the season you used to affect you. Now I know I can sleep a little bit easier at night.


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