Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get your Wiggles out. And maybe lose a little weight too.

I just started my new exercise routine. I made a decision that I was going to exercise come hell or high water. I couldn't do the stationary bike because the kids would get too close and I'd kick them, leaving hideous bruises. Whenever I tried floor exercises, that didn't go too well. One split second of plank pose and I was being planked right in the nose. Yoga in the morning. Out. After much deliberating and meditating on the matter, I finally decided that I would have to work WITH the children, not around them. The Wiggles it would be. I woke up this morning with an intense passion to get my Wiggles out. I made breakfast and warned the kids that Mommy would be doing some dancing, with the Wiggles, and they were welcome to join me. Before I knew it, we were doing the elephant and watching the ponies galloping home, with high energy and big energetic tail swishing. My underarms are wet. This workout is as good as Zumba and I didn't even have to leave my house. Screw you stationary bike. I have some new workout partners and their names are Greg, Murray, Anthony, and Jeff (if he can stay awake.)


  1. You smart thang! Go, Go, GO! That even sounds like a lot of fun to ME, and I consider exer***se a 4-letter word and have replaced it permanmently with the word MOVEMENT.

  2. Hey, if it works and you are digging it...go all the way! Keep at it! You da bomb, girl.


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