Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everywhere you look

I love "Full House". I do. I can't help it. I remember watching it for the first time. It was a very special episode because Kirk Cameron was guest starring. Just like most young girls my age, I had the hots for Kirk. He was not my number one choice as teen heartthrob (that ranking was held by Chad Allen, who turned out to be gay. Hmph.), but he certainly did in a pinch. I suppose I didn't want to be the only prepubescent female to miss out on Kirk's appearance as Cousin Steve on this brand spanking new sitcom that already had a reputation for its cheese and wholesomeness, qualities that turned me off even when I was ten. So, I settled in for my first viewing of this show that I was sure to hate. However, the viewing did not go quite as planned. From the moment the San Francisco skyline popped onto the screen and I heard the peppy theme song, I was hooked. Even the lyrics to the theme song still get to me after all this time. Let's examine them:

What ever happened to predictability?

The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.

How did I get to livin' here?

Somebody tell me, please.

The whole world's confusing me.

Clouds as mean as you've ever seen.

Not a bird who knows your tune.

Then a little voice inside you whispers

Kid don't sell your dream so soon.

Everywhere you look,

There’s a heart - a hand to hold onto.

Everywhere you look,

There’s a face of somebody who needs you.

Everywhere you look,

When you’re lost out there and you’re all alone,

Life is waiting to carry you home,

Everywhere you look. Everywhere you look.

I learned so much from "Full House".
For instance, I learned that normal families have a support system and that some Daddies are sweet, loving, kind, and take interest in their daughters. I learned that I really wanted sisters and that it totally sucked not having one. I learned that I love geeks and that a man who is a self-proclaimed "lean mean hugging machine" is super duper hawt. I discovered that I'd like to one day marry a man who calls Spring Cleaning his Christmas. I found out that I was the ONLY girl on earth who preferred Danny "Turd Burgler" Tanner to the sexy and often promiscuous Uncle Jesse and that was OK. I learned that you didn't have to be a stick figure in order to be cute (Thanks Candace!) and that you didn't have to be filthy in order to be funny (Thanks Dave!). Most of all, I learned that there was a magical world inside of that box and every Friday I could escape my screwed up environment and experience love in abundance, for 27 minutes.

I am thrilled to share this show with my son and daughter. My heart explodes whenever I catch He-Man singing "Everywhere you look, there's a HEART" and if Donut says, "Where is my "Full House"?" in her bossy voice. In a way, it's like sharing a part of myself with them. I look forward to watching seasons 2-8 with them over the next few years.


I Love You, Tanners, Gladstone, and Cochran/Katsoplis!

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